Gatefield Chrome Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Top


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无论您是寻找更多的空间来准备饭菜还是存储您的everyday cooking essentials, like pots, pans and utensils, a versatile kitchen cart fulfills almost every need in this space. But what are these stations, exactly? While you may have several carts throughout your home, the one you留在厨房应该具有一些不同的品质:储藏室,柜台空间和移动性,因此您可以轻松地将其推动。找到所有三个功能的选项,您可以将香料和调味料保持在附近,切成薄片并将您的蔬菜切成薄片and poultry on an extended cooking surface, or simply add another area to housecookware and bakeware(aside from your cabinets and drawers, of course). Plus, there are plenty of options on the market to fit your specific needs in your kitchen while also speaking specifically to its style and design. Ahead, discover some of our favorite kitchen carts that you can shop right now.

Best Kitchen Carts of 2021

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Beavercreek 57.5-Inch Solid Wood Kitchen Cart and Locking Wheels


Physically expanding your kitchen through a renovation won't be necessary with this handy厨房岛大车。它拥有两个大型餐具抽屉,一个松木台面,两个储物柜,一个香料架,毛巾架和两个侧面的木柄,以便于推动。

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SEI Furniture Covington Industrial Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cart


用这款质朴的购物车将农舍的天赋添加到您的厨房中reclaimed woodand cement. Its natural knots, splits, and grain variations allow for a custom finish; a towel rack, drawer, and open shelves mean more space for the essentials, too.

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Williams Sonoma Rolling Storage Cart
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma


This narrow cart is best forstoring itemsyou'd like to keep close by, like oils, spices, and herbs. Its slim build allows you to swivel it around your kitchen with ease and even place it in tighter spots, like in-between appliances or inside your pantry.

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约翰·布斯(John Boos
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

豪华购物车:约翰·布斯(John Boos)

该购物车的两个下部架子是由枫树板制成的,它们足够坚固,可以保持small appliances and equipment。It also has a pair of stacked drawers (perfect for cooking utensils) and a towel rack.

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Giantex Kitchen Island Cart with Drop-Leaf Tabletop

Drop Leaf Cart: Giantex


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Not only does this cart have threelevels of storage, but it also has mesh basket shelves that allow you to keep all of your cooking essentials grouped, organized, and visible.

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Bellmont 22-Inch Iron Kitchen Cart with Locking Wheels,


You'll find all the quintessential qualities of a perfect kitchen cart—like a utility surface area andmultiple storage-这个低成本的选择,有一个——n base and wooden counter.

Shop Now:贝尔蒙特22英寸铁推车带锁轮,$ 82.99,

Gatefield Chrome Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Top
信用:由Home Depot提供



Shop Now:Gatefield Chrome厨房购物车,带屠夫块顶,100.76美元,

TRINITY EcoStorage 34-inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Cart

Stainless Steel Cart: TRINITY

Rounded edges and corners define this染色less steelcart, adding an element of safety to your kitchen. Think of this option as a way to extend your preparation space, too; it has hooks to hang your tools and gadgets along with a sturdy surface to handle any cutting, slicing, and dicing.

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Yamazaki Tosca Kitchen Rolling Storage Wagon

Small Cart: Yamazaki

Although this cart is small in size, it is equipped with three storage levels to holdkitchen supplies—and can even double as an extra surface for meal prep.

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